Progressive Christian Academy

Who we Are

Progressive Christian Academy (PCA) is an Independent Learning Community that specializes in helping students grasp foundational concepts from Transitional Kindergarten - 5th.  We exist to build a better future by investing in children. Success happens when character and intellect are exposed to opportunity. We aim to equip students with 21st century tools and foster student thinking through rigor and play. Genius is unique, so we help students discover their learning style and show them how there actions can bring glory and honor to God in their generation. 

Trees that span the heavens, are nurtured from its roots. 

It is our endeavor to provide a caring, structured environment that makes learning engaging.  Partner with us investing forward. 

Philosophy of Education

Education is best communicated through life experience. 

We believe learning is a joyous lifelong endeavor. Through that lens, we hope to inspire all children to dream and pursue. It is our aim to co-construct a nurturing environment that allows children to flourish academically and contribute personally. 

Education Personalized

we are committed to providing a Safe environment for Learning through communication of Core Values. 


We are committed to Nurturing children to Maturity, tailored to individual learning styles. 


We are committed to communicating standard-based Foundational topics of Academia with rigor, connected to practical experiences.